Spend the night in one of Washington's most haunted hotels, the Shelburne

Shelburne Hotel

Ghosts at this historic Washington hotel wander the halls searching for something…or someone

Paranormal Activity at
Shelburne Hotel

  • The apparition of the original hotel owner has been seen
  • Guests have reportedly been poked and tapped by unseen entities
  • A spirit at the hotel is said to linger through and watch over the garden
  • A woman’s figure has been spotted wandering the halls
  • Loud footsteps have been heard around the upper floors
  • Curtains have been seen moving in empty rooms from outside
  • Glasses in the bar have been seen falling over without known cause
  • Guests have claimed to feel invisible presences sit on their beds at night

History of Washington’s Shelburne Hotel

Just a few blocks off from the shore of the Pacific Ocean, in scenic Seaview, Washington, sits a small boutique hotel with a long and unique history.

The Shelburne Hotel’s inviting, home-like exterior helps it blend in well with the surrounding residences, but don’t let the looks fool you. The Shelburne is no ordinary inn; it’s the longest continuously operating hotel in the state of Washington.

Along with that, it might be one of the state’s most haunted hotels.

Over the years, the Shelburne has collected more ghost stories than it has rooms. And, as more guests come and go, more ghostly encounters are reported all the time. Perhaps something truly ghostly is happening at the Shelburne Hotel.

Timeline of Shelburne Hotel's History

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Visit the Shelburne Hotel in Seaview, Washington


In the 1890s, Seaview, Washington was already a sought after vacation destination. The aptly named Long Beach Peninsula offered an idyllic getaway with prime property on the Pacific. Much of the community’s early growth came from private cottages, where Portland’s elite could escape to in summer.

But by the end of the 19th century, Seaview greeted more public hotels. And, in 1896, the Shelburne Hotel opened, not far from where it stands today.

Explore the beautiful Shelburne Hotel, enjoy the pub and meet the ghosts


Local architect Charles Beaver first built the Shelburne. He named it after a large hotel in Dublin, Ireland. Beaver operated the hotel with decent success for a decade, before selling it in 1906. The new owner, William Hoare, owned property across the street.

He hoped to expand the hotel by merging the buildings, and in 1911, achieved his goal. Hoare hired a team of horses to pull the Shelburne across the street, attaching it to his other property. The Shelburne Hotel has remained unmoved ever since.

Ghost stories are common on the cozy top floor of the Shelburne Hotel in Seaview, Washington


Hoare’s move and expansion of the hotel brought it to 15 rooms. And, the new position offered it a large and attractive yard. From this new location, the Shelburne’s success blossomed. It went through numerous owners through the decades, until 1977 when it was bought by Laurie Anderson and David Campiche.

The two made significant expansions and renovations. This included adding a pub and ensuring each room had a private bathroom. These proved to be some of the most significant changes to the Shelburne since its move across the street.

Will you encounter the mysterious in Seaview, Washington's most haunted hotel


Anderson and Campiche worked hard to keep the Shelburne successful through the 2010s. In 2018, they sold the hotel to Adrift Hospitality, who still operates it today. The Shelburne remains a highly regarded historic gem in Seaview, but it’s gained an aura of mystery as well.

From reports of ghosts in the halls and rooms to spirits of women in the garden, the Shelburne is known as one of the town’s most haunted places. But just how many ghosts can you expect to find in this little boutique hotel?

Is Washington’s Shelburne Hotel Haunted?

One of the oldest ghost stories at the Shelburne Hotel is the spirit of ‘The Man Upstairs.’ According to the stories, a mysterious figure lingers through the hallways of the Shelburne’s upper floors.

During renovations in the 1970s and 80s, the owners reported the ghost often stomped loudly down the upstairs halls. But, whenever anyone would go up to see what was happening, there would be no one there.

The identity of The Man Upstairs remains a mystery. However, some now figure it is the specter of the first owner, Charles Beaver.

Some visitors have claimed to see his apparition quite vividly in the upstairs halls. Those who have seen him say he seems like he is searching for someone. Most assume it is his family who helped run the inn with him.

The Shelburne Hotel's haunted reputation even extends behind the scenes, where reports of paranormal activity have come from the kitchen's bakery

Entities in Room 8

Another well-known Shelburne ghost story centers on Room 8. The tale goes that a traveler booked the room, left for a short time, and returned only to find he couldn’t get back in. Somehow, something had locked the room’s deadbolt, which could only be locked from within.

In the end, a worker had to traverse the roof and go in through the window to unlock the door, and the cause remains unknown. Though many now pin it on the Shelburne’s many spirits.

The Ghost of Nina

Room 8 isn’t the Shelburne’s only haunted hotspot. Room 6 is known for a ghost called Nina.

Reportedly the spirit of someone who once lived in the hotel, Nina’s ghost is often seen lingering the halls around Room 6. Similarly to Charles Beaver’s ghost, witnesses say she is searching for someone.

Nina is also known as a playful specter around the hotel, often poking and tapping people to get a reaction.

Some guests staying in Nina’s Room have woken up many times in the night. While awake, guests have reported seeing unexplainable things in the room with them. Perhaps it’s Nina just playing around?

The Shelburne Hotel has a welcoming and friendly staff alongside its friendly ghosts

Ghosts in the Shelburne Garden

In Room 2, a guest previously reported feeling a presence sit down at the end of their bed in the middle of the night. But, when they turned to look, they found no one sitting there. Not far away, in Room 5, a guest reportedly felt the warmth of hands on their back while they were in the bath.

Shelburne’s Room 16 is known for a female ghost, Annie May. Annie May has been reported in 16, and around the hotel’s garden, where she is said to have a connection with one particular tree. Reportedly, weddings held under this tree carry good luck, and protection by Annie May’s ghost.

In the relocated section of the building, the Shelburne offers a dining room and event space

Shelburne Hotel’s More Mysterious Spirits

Other ghostly encounters have been reported in peculiar places around the Shelburne Hotel. One hotspot is said to be an old second floor maintenance closet. There, people have claimed to encounter a somewhat grouchy male specter. Little else is known for sure about this entity. However, those who have encountered him suggest he is an old hotel worker, still on the job.

Between the hotel’s stairs, guests have reportedly met a friendlier ghost, known as Georgina. But, just like the ghostly maintenance man, little is known about Georgina or why she may haunt the Shelburne.

Hauntings in the Hallways

Common spaces around the Shelburne Hotel are also known for their haunted happenings. Cold spots in the hallways outside of the rooms are a regular report from visitors.

Down in the bar area, workers have seen glasses fall over without reason. Other workers have claimed to have towels and other small items moved around on them by unseen forces.

Bartenders have reported small things like cleaning rags being moved by spectral hands in the Shelburne Hotel pub

The hauntings around the Shelburne can even catch peoples’ eyes from outside.

In at least one instance, a passerby saw curtains fluttering mysteriously in the hotel’s windows. But, upon checking with the front desk they were told the window led to an empty room.

Ghosts & Guests at Shelburne Hotel

While the Shelburne Hotel remains a popular inn with Seaview tourists, it certainly seems popular with the town’s ghosts as well. Many people visit the Shelburne just to seek out its ghosts, and leave their ghost stories in the guest book.

The hotel has leaned into this ghostly lore in recent years. Around Halloween, the Shelburne often hosts events and special programs, including seances and ghost tours.

Washington's haunted Shelburne manor is a beautiful boutique hotel with ghostly intrigue

And, if you’re hoping to experience something truly spooky, it’s as easy as booking one of the Shelburne’s several haunted rooms. The only trouble would be picking which one.

Just don’t be too shocked if you get locked out by your invisible roommate in Room 8.