Is Mission Point Resort Haunted?

Mission Point Resort

Haunted by a spirit of heartbreak, Mission Point Resort might be Mackinac Island’s biggest mystery

Mission Point Resort Paranormal Claims

  • People have reported being pinched or grabbed in the hotel’s theater
  • Apparitions have been seeing around the ‘Drowning Pool’
  • A man’s figure has been seen wandering the halls of the hotel
  • Children’s voices can be heard calling for their parents
  • Sounds of footsteps and slamming doors have been reported
  • The ghost of a little girl is said to be seen on room balconies

Mission Point Resort’s History

On the southeastern corner of Mackinac Island, Michigan, nestled closely to the rocky shores of Lake Huron, is a sprawling resort complex with a long and storied past. Mission Point Resort was once a church, a film studio, and a college before becoming the beloved island getaway it is today.

Gorgeous and haunted, Mission Point Resort waits for you on Mackinac Island

But amongst the stark white buildings and matching rows of Adirondack chairs, some say dark figures linger.

Whether it’s tales of shifting shadows at a nearby pond or claims of playful phantoms in the resort theater, Mission Point Resort is brimming with ghostly lore. Not unlike other haunted hotels and resorts, the resort’s ghosts seem to make it their mission to leave lasting impressions on guests.

Timeline of Mission Point Resort's History

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Long before Mackinac Island was a sought-after vacation destination, it was the site where William Ferry, a protestant missionary, established the Mission Church in 1825. He also built a small structure nearby to educate Native American children, called Mission House. But soon, Mission Church and Mission House changed their focus. Purchased by Edward Franks in the mid-1800s, the complex became the region’s first tourist hotel, operating up until the Great Depression.


In the 1950s, the Mission property was procured by international peace organization Moral Re-Armament (MRA) as a headquarters. Under the MRA, the complex expanded to include numerous additional structures, including what is now the Main Lodge and Straits Lodge of the resort. The MRA also built a soundstage and theater in 1958 to create their own short films and promotional reels. Despite the rapid expansion, the MRAs time at Mission Point was relatively brief. The organization shuttered its island operations in the mid-1960s.


In 1966, the Mission Point land was used to establish Mackinac College, a four-year liberal arts school. Unfortunately, the school ran into financial troubles early on and struggled to stay open through its third year. But, thanks to staff sometimes working for free and students pitching in as housekeepers or kitchen staff, the school stayed open for a fourth year and graduated a single class before closing in 1970. A Christian college was opened on the property in 1971, but closed after just one year due to financial problems.


In the 1970s, the complex returned to hospitality as the Inn at Mackinac. In this era, the MRA soundstage was used to film the 1979 Universal Studios file Somewhere in Time, the biggest production filmed on site. In 1987, the property was sold and gained its current name: Mission Point Resort. It has been a popular island getaway ever since, with luxurious accommodations and remarkable lake views. Alongside that, Mission Point has developed a supernatural allure that draws visitors hoping to experience something ghostly during their stay.

Haunting of Harvey at Mission Point Resort

Perhaps the most well-known ghost reportedly lingering around Mission Point Resort is Harvey. Legend has it that Harvey was once a student at Mackinac College in the late 1960s and, struck by heartbreak, took his own life on a nearby cliffside.

While some confusion swirls around this legend, with some saying Harvey shot himself and fell from the cliff while others claim he jumped to his death, the presence of Harvey at Mission Point is undeniable to some.

Mission Point Resort’s Flirtatious Phantom

Harvey’s specter is most often encountered around the resort’s theater and sound stage, where people report being touched or pinched by an unseen entity. This is said to happen to women more than men, leading many to consider Harvey quite the flirt.

Along with his presence in the theater, Harvey’s apparition is encountered throughout the resort grounds, around the cliff where he is said to have died or wandering the hotel halls.

Mission Point Resort’s
Haunted Drowning Pool

Though Harvey is the most famous ghost around Mission Point Resort, he’s far from the only phantom you might see on the grounds. Another reported paranormal hotspot is the supposed ‘Drowning Pool’ near the shore.

Legend goes that the Drowning Pool was once used to drown perceived witches on the island, though resort owners have since pointed out that the pond didn’t form until the early 1990s. Despite the dubious nature of the Drowning Pool claim, many guests and visitors have reported seeing shadow figures lingering around the banks of the pond. Another dark note on locations associated with the American witch trials.

Ghost of Lucy at
Mission Point Resort

Another spirit encountered at Mission Point Resort is that of Lucy, reportedly the spirit of a young girl who took ill on the island and was left there while her parents attended business in Detroit. When they returned she had already died, or so the story goes.

Now, Lucy’s ghost is a regular occurrence around Mission Point, often appearing as a shadowy apparition on hotel room balconies.

Along with that, guests have also claimed to hear the disembodied voice of a young girl calling for her parents, with many figuring it is Lucy still searching for the family that left her to recuperate all those years ago.

Mission Point Resort: Ghostly Getaway

Mission Point Resort keeps busy for much of the year running one of Mackinac Island’s most popular lodges, so you won’t find many ghost tours or offers for investigations at the resort today. But that doesn’t mean paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters don’t make their way to the island.

Plenty of guests at Mission Point have sought out paranormal experiences, and the ghostly aspect of the resort has gained further traction after a feature on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. So, it doesn’t seem like the legends of Harvey, Lucy, and the Drowning Pool will be going anywhere anytime soon, and Mission Point Resort will likely remain one of the greatest mysteries of Mackinac Island.