Alvah Belding Library

A little girl’s ghost may linger among the bookshelves of this historic Michigan library

Paranormal Activity at
Alvah Belding Library

  • A little girl’s apparition has been seen around the library
  • A child’s voice has been heard in certain areas
  • Past investigators have captured purported EVPs in the building
  • Computers in the building malfunction in unexplainable ways
  • Mysterious whistling has been heard at times
  • Sounds of phantom footsteps are commonly reported
  • Shadow figures have been spotted on security cameras
  • Strange music has been heard around the library with no explanation

The History of Michigan’s Belding Library

In the center of the small town of Belding, Michigan, perched on the shore of Flat River, stands a historic cornerstone of the community: Alvah N. Belding Library. While the building’s stout frame and stone exterior exude a quiet strength, the huge, arching windows offer inviting glimpses of its history.

For the past century, Belding Library has informed and entertained citizens of Belding. And some locals loved it so much they’re reportedly still enjoying it in the afterlife.

Between shelves of books and banks of computers, Belding Library has reportedly amassed a few studious spirits.

Now, reports of ghostly figures and strange voices are common in the library. But who exactly are the resident wraiths of Belding Library?

Timeline of Alvah Belding Library's History

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Before the stone structure of Belding Library graced the town’s Main Street, locals made do with a few makeshift libraries. The first library came to Belding in 1890. Then, it was just a single room above a shop. However, a fire swept through town in 1893, and it consumed the library. Another simple operation replaced it in a room above City Hall. By the 1900s, the need for a new library for Belding was obvious. Luckily, the town’s namesake family would soon come to the rescue.


In 1914, local silk manufacturer Alvah Belding resolved to build his town a fitting library. The city council accepted his offer in 1917, and work began on Belding’s new learning center. After a year of hard work, the Alvah N. Belding Library opened in May, 1918. The final product included fine limestone and hardwoods throughout. From its first day, the community supported and adored their library, and it soon became one of the town’s most well-used resources.


Throughout the rest of the 20th century, Belding Library played an active role in community life. While no expense was spared in construction, the library’s popularity eventually required expansion. The basement, which had long been a small museum, became the children’s section in 1964. By then, the expanding first floor stacks had run out of space for the children’s section. In 1979, a wheelchair lift was added to support accessibility to more of the Belding population.


Belding Library’s historic value was first recognized in 1980, when it was made a State Historic Landmark. Then, it was recognized in 1993 by the National Register of Historic Places. Since then, Belding Library has undergone many restorations, adding floor space as well as an elevator. While Belding Library has prepared well for the future, the past still lingers through the stacks. History stays notable in the library through all the old books and, as some claim, all the old souls that haunt the place.

Little Girl Ghost of Belding Library

The most well-known haunting at the Alvah Belding Library is, surprisingly, not Alvah Belding. While no one knows the soul’s identity, the ghost most often seen at the library is a little girl.

Not much is known about where this girl’s ghost came from, but she likes to spend time in the children’s section. It is there where visitors have reported spotting a child-sized shadow figure wandering through the library stacks.

Additionally, visitors to the children’s section also report hearing the girl’s ghostly laughter echoing around them.

Many ghost hunters have tried speaking with her spirit, to some mixed success. While no one has yet gotten a name from her, several have captured reported EVP recordings of the girl’s voice.

Belding Library’s Phantom Footsteps

While most of Belding Library’s haunted happenings are attributed to the ghostly little girl, some activity in the building stems from uncertain sources.

Pronounced footsteps have been heard from some areas of the library, footsteps a little too loud for a small child to make.

Mysterious Music Plays in Belding Library

Additionally, sounds of books falling from high shelves have been heard, only for no fallen books to ever be found. Elsewhere in the building, sounds of mysterious music have been heard.

As if all of that ghostly noise isn’t enough for a library, loud disembodied whistling has also been heard and recorded by investigators.

Alvah Belding Library’s Spooky Nights

Whether or not ghost hunters are prowling the library, the spirits of Alvah Belding Library seem to come alive at night.

The building’s security cameras often capture strange activity happening late at night at odd times. Strange shadow figures have been seen on some of the building’s camera feeds.

Creepy Computers at Belding Library

Computer malfunctions have also been spotted on these cameras. According to reports, these malfunctions make computers appear to turn on only to show only a moving green splotch on the screen.

After a few moments, the screen will go dark and, by morning, the computer will be working normally. No explanation has yet been found for these events.

Belding Library: Eerie and Educational

Alvah Belding Library remains an active library to this day and a popular local resource. But alongside the books and programs, they make sure to foster their ghost stories.

The library runs a podcast, The Book Return, and one episode is all about their haunted happenings.

The library even sometimes open its doors to ghost hunting groups. The results of these hunts have driven even more spooky reports about the building.

So, while Belding Library will always be known as a beloved local resource, it’s earned a second reputation as the perfect place to check out a ghost story, and maybe become part of one of your own.