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Palmer College of Chiropractic

Phantoms of former masons may still walk the halls of their grand old temple-turned-museum

Paranormal Claims at
Palmer College of Chiropractic

  • Objects and furniture are reportedly moved by the building’s spirits
  • Disembodied footsteps have been heard in the building
  • Sounds of conversation are sometimes heard from empty rooms
  • Some visitors have been touched by unseen forces
  • Apparitions have been seen disappearing around the building
  • Strange feelings of being watched have been reported

History of Palmer College &
Vickie Anne Palmer Hall

In the heart of Davenport, Iowa, less than a mile from the Mississippi River, is one of the most renowned chiropractic schools in the nation: Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Over its long history, the school blossomed into an expansive campus of buildings both new and old. But only one has a haunted history. Vickie Anne Palmer Hall stands like a cube of solid stone, its few small windows dwarfed by the expansive reaches of its stony facade.

Now home to Palmer College’s Palmer Family and Chiropractic History Museum, Vickie Anne Palmer Hall is visibly a building that has lived a few different lives.

And, if you look closely, you’ll spot clues to the building’s past. Masonic inscriptions and logos dot the building inside and out, and some say specters of old masons still appear in the corridors of their old meeting hall.

Timeline of Palmer College of Chiropractic's History

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Ghostly reports linger around this haunted Iowa college


The fraternal organization of Freemasons has existed for centuries. Perhaps most famously, many founders of the United States were Masons. But the historic importance of the Masons extends much farther than that. Masonic temples and lodges can be found all across America, and Davenport is no exception.

The massive stone temple in Davenport was built in 1922, when local Masons noticed the need for a larger, grander temple. Along with many rooms and meeting spaces, the temple included a theater-like main room.

The sounds of moving objects have been reported by students and faculty alike at the haunted Palmer College in Iowa


The large temple building in Davenport served the Freemasons well for decades. The Masons used the space for regular meetings, but also used the main theater space to show silent films in the 1920s. These programs even included a theater organ to accompany the films.

But while the Masons were surely proud of their large, imposing gathering place, it eventually fell out of use by the 1960s. The grand old building sat in stasis for many years before Palmer College of Chiropractic bought it in 1998.

Reports have it that a spirit wanders the staircases of this haunted college in Iowa


Under Palmer’s ownership, the Masonic Temple was renamed Lyceum Hall. The new hall would soon be used for official school programs, like their ‘white coat’ ceremonies for graduated doctors. Additionally, the interior spaces would house and display historical artifacts and documents.

The college’s work on the building came to fruition in 2006, with the opening of the Palmer Family and Chiropractic History Museum in Lyceum Hall.

Spirits are said to wander the grand meeting hall of this former Masonic Temple in Davenport, Iowa


Today, the old Masonic Temple still serves as a historic museum and theater venue for the college. Now known as Vickie Anne Palmer Hall, students still attend programs, graduations, and other events in the building. The chiropractic history museum is also open by appointment to anyone wanting to learn the history of chiropractic medicine.

But, some say a few mysteries linger amongst the medical exhibits. Popular tales around Davenport say the hall is haunted by its Masonic past.

The feeling of unseen, spectral hands has been reported by students and faculties at the haunted Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa

Is Iowa’s Palmer College Haunted?

One of the old temple’s most interesting paranormal reports is of moving objects. Things large and small are said to be moved around by unseen forces. It is said that objects often end up in some truly strange places when left alone in the old temple.

Others report the spirits in the building are capable of moving whole pieces of furniture. But, small objects and furniture aren’t the only thing the ghosts of the building are touching. Some people even claim to feel ghostly hands reach out and touch them.

Disembodied voices and ghostly footsteps are heard in the Lyceum Hall in this haunted Iowa college

Phantom Sounds in the Corridors

Strange sounds are also common around the halls. Visitors sometimes report hearing the sounds of ghostly footsteps echoing through the broad, empty corridors. In other instances, people have reportedly heard their name called, only to turn and find no one there.

There are also a few rooms where people have reported hearing large conversations going on, only to peer in and no one there. Perhaps Freemason phantoms are still using these rooms for meetings?

Apparitions in The Old Masonic Temple

While a rare sight, a few people have reportedly seen apparitions in Davenport’s old masonic hall. These figures are never described in great detail and have been spotted in a few different places in the building.

However, there is one part of these claims that always remains the same.

Misty apparitions and moving objects have been reported in the Fellows Hall of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa

Those who have claimed to see the old temple’s shadow figures have said that they will appear only briefly, and then disappear moments later.

And, the apparitions always vanish into thin air before witnesses’ eyes, never through doors or around corners.

Faculty at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa report objects being moved in the night when the building is empty

Vickie Anne Palmer Hall’s
Watchful Spirits

Another common report around the building is a strange, uneasy feeling. Those who have experienced it say it feels like they are being watched wherever they go.

Could the phantoms of long-lost Masons still be watching over their organization’s secrets? Or, perhaps, the eeriness of the old temple’s expansive stone halls and the aura of Masonic mystery simply conjure up these feelings in people?

Palmer College & The Paranormal

Davenport’s old masonic temple carries many physical remains of its history and is now largely dedicated to history.

Whether it’s Palmer College’s preservation of the temple’s historic spaces, or its curation of countless historic chiropractic artifacts within, the school has helped keep the former temple alive and thriving.

Shadowy figures have been seen disappearing around corners in the Old Masonic Temple in Davenport, Iowa

While much of the space remains dedicated to school programs and events, the college’s historic museum can be toured by the public. It’s as easy as scheduling an appointment.

While you’re learning more about chiropractic history, maybe you can learn some more about the building’s ghosts, and exactly who they are. Though it seems the spirits of Freemasons may be just as secretive as they were in life.