General Asahel Stone Mansion

Spiritual shadow figures and foul-mouthed phantoms reportedly linger in this stately Indiana manor

Paranormal Encounters at the
General Asahel Stone Mansion

  • The figure of Asahel Stone has been seen in the home
  • Sounds of a man cursing are often reported
  • A ghost of a little girl in a yellow dress has been seen
  • The apparition of Lydia Preston has been encountered on the staircase
  • Disembodied mumbling voices are common throughout the mansion
  • Female disembodied voices have also been heard at times
  • A male figure is often encountered on the second floor
  • Sounds of disembodied footsteps have been reported on upper floors and on the stairs

General Asahel Stone:
The Man, The Myth, The Mansion

Some people will tell you to be wary of where the sidewalk ends, but folks in Winchester, Indiana may have more reason to steer clear of where South Meridian Street ends. There, where Meridian converges into Orange Street, the roadway ends suddenly and an overgrown stone footpath continues ahead, across the long green lawn of the General Asahel Stone Mansion.

An opulent red brick mansion, the General Asahel Stone Mansion looks a bit out of place today in a neighborhood full of smaller and more modern homes. But there’s more than just size and old-world luxury setting the General Asahel Stone Mansion apart from the crowd.

Some locals call it the town’s most haunted home, and it certainly looks the part with its tall, dark windows and looming turret. And those who have toured and investigated the home claim the mansion is just as haunted as it looks, perhaps even more.

Timeline of General Asahel Stone Mansion's History

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Before there could be a General Asahel Stone Mansion, there first had to be an Asahel Stone. Asahel Stone was born in 1817 to a family in the carpentry business. Stone soon went into the same line of work and found great success.

He married in 1837 to Lydia Preston, and the two would move to Winchester, Indiana in 1839. Asahel continued to see his carpentry work succeed in Winchester, and he soon rose to be one of the most respected members of the community.


Over the 1840s and 50s, Asahel Stone became a state senator for Indiana and helped convince a railroad to come through Winchester. But his most important work came in 1861 with the Civil War.

During the war, Stone was the State Quarter Master General, the main person responsible for supplying state units of the Union Army with arms and goods. When the war ended in 1865, Asahel returned to Winchester to even greater success. He organized the First National Bank of Winchester upon return, and later became the bank’s president.


In 1872, construction finished on Asahel Stone’s stately new mansion, a grand brick home built in the Second Empire style. For the rest of his life, Asahel Stone enjoyed the fruits of his success alongside his wife from the mansion’s large wraparound porches and many luxurious interior spaces.

Stone died in 1891 and left the mansion to his wife. But Lydia’s time owning the home was brief. She died just a year later in 1892, and the mansion was purchased by W.E. Miller. This began a long line of changing owners.


Over the first half of the 20th century, the General Asahel Stone Mansion cycled through numerous owners, some of whom only owned the property for a few months. In 1927 alone, the home went through three different owners.

By 1968, the revolving door of ownership seemed to slow when the mansion was purchased by Edward and Nancy Williams. The Williams kept the home for many years, and submitted the application for the home’s inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places in early 1979. The application was approved that same year.


After its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, the General Asahel Stone Mansion lived a relatively quiet existence for many years. But, unexplainable occurrences became more common as the years went on, and it wasn’t long before word spread of hauntings at the old mansion.

When the mansion was sold once again to its current owners, they decided to dive into those paranormal claims, and open the mansion up for tours. Today, it gets countless visitors each year hoping for something spooky.

Apparitions at Stone Mansion

Paranormal claims at the Stone Mansion include many reports of apparitions and shadow figures throughout the mansion. One apparition seen often is said to be that of Asahel Stone himself, but his shadowy figure is known to keep good company.

Asahel’s wife, Lydia, is also regularly spotted lingering around the mansion as an apparition. While her figure has been seen throughout the home, many claim the main staircase is a hotspot for her misty appearance.

Stone Mansion Family Ghosts

Along with Stone and his wife, the specter of Lydia’s brother is also said to linger in the house. Lydia’s brother reportedly died in a second-floor room of the mansion, and his apparition has been reported on the second floor ever since.

Reports from visitors and investigators suggest there’s also a little girl’s ghost haunting the General Asahel Stone Mansion. This little girl ghost, named Wendy, is best identified by the yellow dress she always appears in. Despite her presence around the house, no one is quite sure where Wendy’s spirit came from, or if her name is even Wendy.

Pairing well with all the shifting shadows and dark apparitions at the General Asahel Stone Mansion, disembodied voices and strange sounds are also regularly heard. The sound of a male voice loudly cursing is one of the more common reports of ghostly voices in the mansion. Perhaps Asahel Stone is still finding reasons to be frustrated from beyond the grave?

Along with the cursing, male mumbling has similarly been heard and recorded throughout the house. Female voices have also been heard, with the voice of Lydia said to call out from the old piano room.

General Asahel Stone Mansion’s
Phantom Footsteps

Sounds of footsteps have been heard, mostly on the upper floors and going up and down the main staircase. Past investigators of the mansion have further noted that when they go to investigate these phantom footsteps, they get the sensation and sound of someone walking directly behind them the entire way, as if one of the mansion’s ghosts are mirroring their every step.

General Asahel Stone Mansion:
Attractively Spooky

Since opening up for tours and investigations, the General Asahel Stone Mansion has gotten increasingly popular each year. Alongside paranormal investigations and events, the mansion also books many photo shoots, film shoots, and weddings throughout the year.

A once well-played piano stands in the foyer of indiana's stone mansion

But, while the mansion’s booking schedule may get busy, booking a tour or investigation is as easy as giving them a call. And if you do pay a visit, perhaps you can ask the mysterious cursing spirit what ghosts have to be so mad about, especially in a mansion as grand as Asahel Stone’s.