Is Asher Walton House Haunted?

Asher Walton House

Countless ghosts of unknown children now reportedly call this historic Indiana mansion home

Paranormal Reports at
Asher Walton House

  • The apparition of Julia Walton has been seen around the house
  • Balls left in the home will be rolled around by unseen forces
  • A mirror has had child-sized handprints appear on it without known cause
  • Unexplained EMF spikes have been noted by past investigators
  • Disembodied voices are often heard
  • Cabinets in the kitchen are tossed open by unseen forces
  • Balloons left in the home will be moved and popped by unknown entities
  • Strange smells of perfume and other odd aromas have been encountered
  • Unexplained knocks have been heard throughout the house
  • Doors around the house slam open and closed

History of Asher Walton House

The small town of Atlanta, Indiana has no shortage of ghosts. From the figurative ghosts of shuttered, dark-windowed Main Street businesses to the literal ghosts haunting the town’s historic buildings, Atlanta has as many phantoms as people.

Ghost hunters from far-and-wide now visit the town hoping to capture evidence of the community’s specters, making Atlanta a budding tourism town.

One home in particular is known for the paranormal: the Asher Walton House, a stately home on a Main Street corner built in the 1800s.

Now, the Asher Walton House is said to be the most haunted house in Atlanta, and even one of the most haunted homes in all of Indiana.

Timeline of Asher Walton House's History

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Stained glass is used throughout the homes exquisite design.


Born on New Years Day, 1836, Asher Goodrich Walton wasn’t born into immense wealth. Born in Pennsylvania, Asher Walton’s family moved to Indiana when he was a child. And it would be Indiana where Asher Walton would find his calling in life. In 1858, Asher Walton moved to Atlanta for work.

He soon met Julia Wolf, daughter of a prominent local family. The two wed not long after and started a family. As Asher’s family and business success both grew, he needed a house to fit it all in.

The second floor bedrooms are rumored to be the most haunted area of the building, with children's spirits playing between them


By the late 1860s, Asher Walton had found great success in the local lumber and flour mill industries. So, when he resolved to build his family a home, he had considerable resources to make his future house perfect. Work on Asher Walton’s home began in 1868 and would take four years to complete.

While he had connections for the best materials, Walton often waited for long periods for his preferred lumber to come available. The work took so long that, while the home was under construction, the Waltons had two more children, but both died shortly after birth.

During the home's original ownership, Asher made the second floor his office, watching his empire move around him on the street below


With the home finished in 1872, Asher Walton and his family moved right in. From his upstairs office, Walton could oversee much of his local business interests, including views of his business office and a general store that he operated. Through the rest of the home, his surviving children grew up throughout the latter half of the 1800s. By the early 1900s, the elderly Waltons were prominent local fixtures in Atlanta.

Julia died in 1916 in an upstairs bedroom. Eight years later, in the same room, Asher Walton followed his wife into death.

Banging on the walls of the home has been reported by a number of paranormal investigation teams


By the time of Asher Walton’s death in 1924, three generations of Waltons had lived in the home, and three family members had died there. Along with Asher and Julia, their son Edgar died in the home in 1916. After the Walton family left the home in the 20th century, it went through a variety of owners.

Several attempted B&Bs at the house, but none of them lasted. By the 2000s, the home had become rundown and risked demolition.

Cupboard doors slam and footsteps are reported in the ahswer walton kitchen


Through the 2000s and 2010s, tales of hauntings soon spread about Asher Walton’s House. In 2021, the home hosted its first team of ghost hunters, who reported unexplainable activity. In the years since, many other paranormal researchers have come and gone from the Asher Walton House.

Plenty have left with reports and recordings of apparent paranormal activity all through the house. All these visits have since solidified the Asher Walton House as one of Indiana’s most haunted places.

Is Asher Walton House Haunted?

Both Asher and Julia Walton are said to still reside in their home in spirit. Disembodied voices are often heard, and sometimes even recorded, around the house, with many of these reports being pinned on Asher and Julia.

Asher’s presence is also reported around his old upstairs office and the room where both he and Julia passed away.

The master bedroom of the Asher Walton home, once Ashers personal office is haunted by both he and his wife, Julia

Out of the two of them, Julia’s specter seems to be the most active. Along with disembodied voices, visitors have claimed to see Julia’s apparition lingering through the house. Some have even claimed to see her figure through the windows from outside.

Her presence in the home is also noted for carrying a rose-like aroma, as if she still sports her favorite perfume in the afterlife.

This rocking horse is rumored to be moved by the spirits of children in the home

Ghostly Children Still Linger

While the ghosts of Asher and Julia Walton have been encountered, the Asher Walton House is perhaps best known for its child spirits. No one can say quite where they all came from, but ghost hunters often cite child spirit activity in the house. Children’s voices are often audibly heard, and ghost hunters have purportedly captured countless EVP recordings of these child-like voices.

Children's hand prints are often found inexplicably on the Asher Walton's many mirrors. This would be less interesting if it weren't for the fact that no children live in the home.

Children have also been heard running and playing up and down the house’s hallways.

Additionally, child-sized handprints have been seen appearing on mirrors in the house, with no record of how they could have gotten there.

With slamming doors and balloons that move through the home, could the Asher Walton be haunted?

The Paranormal ‘Pops’ in This House

Balls and balloons left out around the house have been seen rolling around, as if being played with by the ghostly children. In at least once instance, a balloon left in an upstairs hall was rolled all the way downstairs by unseen forces.

Balloons left in the home are also said to be smashed and popped by the child spirits lingering through the home. Security camera systems have captured these balloons rolling and popping even when the house is completely unoccupied.

Doors & Cabinets Slam at Asher Walton

Going along with the activity associated with the Waltons and the house’s child spirits, other activity in the home comes from some uncertain sources. Doors around the house are known to slam and swing open without cause.

Similar to the balloons, exterior doors have been recorded swinging open by themselves by security cameras around the property. This is said to occur even when exterior storm doors are locked, so that the only access to the doors is from the empty interior of the house.

Cabinets in the kitchen are also said to slam open and closed, sometimes with enough force to shatter the glass panes within them.

There are also loud and unexplained knocks that come from different areas of the home, often sounding as if they come from inside empty rooms, or sometimes inside of the walls.

Balloons frequently left through the building has a propensity for being popped without any sort of interaction, warping as though being held

EVPs and EMF Anomalies

Through visits from ghost hunters in recent years, even more claims of activity have come out of the Asher Walton House. Alongside countless potential EVP recordings taken through the house, visitors have reported strange EMF activity in the home, as well as sightings of some of the home’s shadow figures and apparitions.

Many paranormal teams bring their own balls and balloons with them to the home, and both report and record instances of them being moved by the unseen entities said to linger within the Asher Walton House.

Visit Atlanta, Indiana’s Haunted Mansion

With the support provided by the house’s ghost hunts and programs, the Asher Walton House is slowly but surely finding a new life. Historic preservation and modern updates alike are ongoing projects for the house.

As more ghost stories come out and more ghost hunters visit, these long-term projects inch closer to reality.

Atlanta, Indiana, has become a hotbed of ghostly reports in recent years. Both the Asher Walton House, and the Roads Hotel just a few blocks away, have noted reports of hauntings. Together, they both draw in researchers from across the country.

Anyone interested in ghost hunting at the Asher Walton House only has to seek out their Facebook page. From there, they can reach out to the page for available dates to set one up. Just be sure to keep some balloons on hand for your visit. You never know when one of the home’s child spirits might pop out to say, ‘hi.’